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Trelp – An App Especially for Truckers

Trelp – An App Especially for Truckers

Over the past five years we have seen a lot of development in apps. Apps we had not even heard of a few years ago are now used daily; however, there aren’t many good apps for truckers. Trelp is an app for truckers which may be changing all that. It uses crowd sourced information in the way many apps such as Waze have used before but makes it specific for truckers, and if it works like it is supposed to, it will be a lot of help.

Every trucker knows that following the GPS is not always a good idea. GPS coordinates work great if you drive a small car, but there is a lot of data in GPS which may be wrong for truckers. The biggest issue is that often the GPS will lead you to a road which is perfectly fine for small cars but not suitable for trucks. This results in truckers getting stuck, and having to violate traffic laws in order to get back on track, which is never an ideal solution. Trelp aims to change that by allowing truckers themselves to mark areas which are not fit for trucks. So when you use Trelp, you will be able to see which roads are more suitable for you and where you may get stuck.

Clearance is also an issue, since normal GPS coordinates do not take into account that your vehicle may be a truck. Thus truckers often end up in roads where the clearance is too low for them, and then have to find an alternate route. Trelp aims to solve this by allowing truckers to mark locations which have low clearance; thus, allowing other truckers to avoid those locations.

Another big issue that Trelp solves is it provides information about the offloading/loading area. Any experienced trucker would know this issue; the GPS can guide you to the location but it cannot tell you which entrance is made for trucks. Thus, truckers end up circling the location trying to locate where they are supposed to stop. Trelp allows truckers to enter information about truck entrances so other truckers can benefit from it. It even has parking/sleeping spots, something which will be very beneficial for truckers who drive long routes and need to take naps in between. Knowing which spots do not have problems with truckers parking and getting some rest when entering a new city goes a long way in making truckers feel more relaxed.

Trelp’s crowd sourcing is both its advantage and disadvantage. By allowing truckers to enter the data, Trelp can ensure that the data is specifically relevant for truckers. The issue is that in order for the app to be truly useful, it will need much more data than it already has, which would mean more truckers would have to enter information about the areas. Trelp can be of great use if it reaches its full potential and is used by truckers a lot. – See more at:

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