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Transportation System Integrated with Online Marketplace

Transportation System Integrated with Online Marketplace

Technology continues to play a big role in the trucking industry. With apps and platforms making communication and networking easier than ever, trucking is enjoying a unique evolution. Many of these innovations are becoming compatible with one another, leading to even more growth. AscendTMS is a well-known cloud-based system designed for transportation management. The customizable and adaptable system is used by carriers of all sizes to help promote logistical management and affordability.

The system has recently been integrated with the Trucker Path Truckloads online marketplace. Trucker Path Truckloads is well-known for giving users the ability to create private networks for carriers and brokers alike. This software is used by multiple companies to source loads efficiently based on up-to-date data and verified carriers within a given geographic area. This integration means that those carriers and shippers who use AscendTMS now have the capability to access available capacity much quicker. The increased loads and lower wait times will lead to increased revenue and profit once companies can adapt to the newly merged systems.

Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global said: “Our clients want a unified TMS eco-system that runs their entire logistics business, and will connect seamlessly to their partners, like Trucker Path. We are the first and only TMS provider to give load posting access to Trucker Path’s vast network, and that means more full trucks and more profits for everyone.”

Additional features are provided as well including GPS load tracking capabilities, integration with load boards, customizable management screens, and more. Users can manage files and assets, simplify reporting, and coordinate information between branches with ease. This type of technology may be just what the trucking industry needs to remain competitive during times of economic change.

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