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Traffic Enforcement and Roadside Inspections Saved Lives

Traffic Enforcement and Roadside Inspections Saved Lives

The United States Department of Transportation’s FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has revealed recently after their annual analysis that an estimate of nearly 472 lives were saved in the year 2012 thanks to traffic enforcement and roadside inspection programs. Ever since the year 2001, over 7,000 lives have been saved thanks to these programs.

Anthony Foxx, the Secretary of US Transportation, stated that they have made significant strides in the reduction of traffic injuries and fatalities across the United States over the past few decades. According to Foxx, the traffic enforcement and roadside inspection programs exemplify their commitment to move forward with raising the bar in terms of safety and building upon their progress.

The annual RIEM (Roadside Intervention Effectiveness Model) analysis from the administration has estimated that in the year 2012 (which is the most recent time whose data is currently available) the safety programs that tend to save lives have further prevented nearly 9,000 injuries from over 14,000 crashes that involved commercial buses and trucks.

Scott Darling, who is the Acting Administrator at FMCSA says the nation needs to recognize the important role which has been played by the millions of pro bus and truck drivers and thousands of carriers across the road on a daily basis who know the essentiality of protecting the traveling public’s safety whilst also carrying out their part in order to move forward the economy.

Darling says their analysis has demonstrated that the inspectors at state and roadside troopers who conduct traffic enforcement have been creating a big difference for preventing crashes. Additionally, the bus and truck industries are also working on a daily basis to meet the federal regulations of safety which are designed to ensure that all the people reach their destination in a safe manner.

In a single year, over 3.5 million of these inspections are carried out. Commercial vehicles which fail the inspection are put out of service immediately and banned from potentially endangering the lives of the motoring public as well as the drivers. What’s more, commercial drivers that don’t comply with the critical requirements of safety are also put out of service immediately and banned from driving. – See more at:

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