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Top 5 Tips For Safe Truck Driving In Winter Time

Top 5 Tips For Safe Truck Driving In Winter Time

Winter brings lots of festivity and joy for most people. For truckers though, driving in the snow can be a challenging task, especially for the ones who have recently entered this arena. A lot of care and preparation is required to drive trucks in this season. So below is the list of tips which can come in handy for truckers driving in this season:

Pre-plan for the Trip ahead
The best way to be confident about driving in the winter is to pre-plan the trip. This can make life on the road much easier. This may include keeping proper clothing for the season, like extra gloves, rain gear, overcoats and such other gear. Other things include a flashlight, windshield washer fluids and scrappers and tire chains.
Another important thing to do is to constantly be informed about the weather conditions of the destined locations. Also, just before heading off on the road, inspect the truck closely and see if there is anything which can cause problems ahead. These things may seem easy to do, but truckers sometimes take them for granted and forget to make the necessary preparations.

Don’t rush
Truckers may lose patience in snowy conditions and try to drive faster to reach their destination on time but this can be dangerous. It is important to stay within the speed limits and drive as fast as the truck and the road conditions permit. Look out for underpasses and other shaded areas and slow down as needed, because these areas freeze quicker than the others. So if there is ice building up on your windshield, slow down, as this is usually an indication of black ice, which is transparent ice. Also, avoid changing lanes suddenly and always maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles.

Maintain control
It is always important to maintain complete control of the truck and the road in winters. A slower speed can help you achieve that. However, even if traction is lost, it’s important not to push the push the pedals too much, as this may lock the tires and the truck can spin out of control. Holding the steering wheel firmly is also a key, as the grip may slip if it is held lightly. Always use both hands to steer the wheel in snowy conditions.

Keep sufficient supply of fuel

Running out of fuel in adverse winter conditions in the middle of nowhere can be the worst thing that can happen to a trucker. Therefore, it is always important to keep at least half a tank of fuel with you in the winter at all times. Also, it is important to use anti-gel additives before fueling the trunk so that the diesel does not congeal due to the weather and continues to perform smoothly.

Use your head

Often, when things go south in this season, truckers panic and lose their ability to think smartly. If a blizzard or a storm arrives, and you don’t know where to take shelter, park by the shoulder of the road and stay inside the truck; wait for the weather to improve before you drive ahead. However, even while you wait, do keep exercising your body to stay warm and roll down the window a bit for ventilation if needed. If the conditions look bad ahead, listen to the weather reports and then decide whether to remain on the road or to take shelter elsewhere. If you decide to drive on, keep your tail lights clear of snow, so that your truck is visible to others driving in this weather. Also, be careful while coming in and out of the trucks’ cab as the steps can be slippery. Moreover, always wear an orange vest before leaving the truck so that you will be clearly visible to the other vehicles or people on the road.

With these tips, winter driving can become a lot safer for truck drivers everywhere. – See more at:

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