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Top 4 Tech Trends In The Trucking Industry

Top 4 Tech Trends In The Trucking Industry

Utilizing superior technology can help any business cut costs, grow their operation, and establish a better reputation in the eyes of potential clients. The trucking industry is categorized as being a very focused and no-nonsense type of occupation. While it’s true that truck drivers have a specific task in mind each time they enter the cab, many trucking companies and independent drivers are utilizing new technology to set themselves apart from the competition.

#01 – Apps That Promote Decentralized Service
While truckers have been utilizing mobile technology to keep in touch with loved ones on the road for years, apps present opportunities for much more than communication in the trucking industry. Those who need a truck driver can utilize innovative apps like Cargomatic to find a solution instantly. Great for owner-operators looking to build a portfolio of regular clients, Cargomatic’s app can help independent drivers get more business.

#02 – Fuel-Efficient Parts and Components
Cutting costs can help trucking companies of all sizes expand at a steady rate. While fuel usage is a cost that the trucking industry must always deal with, many have been taking steps to help their rigs get more miles per gallon. While some companies have opted to switch out manual transmissions for automatics, others have opted to use lighter components that hold up better against wind resistance. Efforts like this have helped many drivers trim cents and dollars off of their daily fuel costs.

#03 – Advanced Management Software
While the act of transporting cargo is a large part of the trucking industry, many companies have been dedicating more attention to the lesser-known aspects of professional trucking. Logistics management, freight tracking, and brokerage services can all be dealt with more efficiently by utilizing software made popular in recent years. This software can help a larger business accurately track the progress of multiple locations while also helping smaller companies grow.

#04 – Green Facilities
Companies from all types of industries have begun to adopt and implement environmentally-friendly practices over the past decade. While there is a greater emphasis placed on reducing emissions, trucking companies have done more than adopt fuel-saving technologies. Many are utilizing solar panels and recycled materials to help their facilities leave a smaller carbon footprint. In an industry where image and reputation are both very important for continued success, these types of technological advancements have proven to have a large impact on the growth of trucking companies.

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