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TomTom Introduces GPS for Truck Drivers

TomTom Introduces GPS for Truck Drivers

Due to the requirements of the job, trucking drivers often find themselves using navigational equipment. And even though it can sometimes be difficult to plan out a route mid-journey, a GPS system is always helpful. And now that TomTom (a company that specializes in navigation and mapping technology) has announced a GPS system made for truck drivers, the entire trip planning process may become even easier.

The device, named The Trucker 600, will have more than just accurate navigational capabilities. It will also provide drivers with traffic analysis and updated maps. The company’s intention was to create a device that truckers could use to plan out their entire journey – before they leave. Using the MyDrive web app, drivers can input data about their trip into their GPS remotely. Whether a driver is at home or at a truck stop, they can make sure they’re ready to hit the road with confidence the minute they enter the cab.

The precise nature of the device also takes factors about the truck into account during the planning process. This includes things like the truck’s weight, type, size, and cargo. TomTom President Jocelyn Vigreux said: “We are excited to be able to deliver a GPS designed specifically for truckers giving them all the relevant truck-specific information such as bridge heights, relevant truck routes, and road restrictions they need to complete their routes in a timely and hassle-free manner.”

In addition to using state-of-the-art customizable mapping technology, the device also has a user-friendly interface. The 6-inch touchscreen tablet allows users to pinch, zoom, and swipe just as they would on any other device. The device can also be mounted for additional convenience.

The Trucker 600 offers truckers an all-in-one trip planning solution for a company that specializes in making navigation simple. The device will be available for sale in September.

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