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Thousands of Volvo Trucks Recalled Due to Potential Safety Issues

Thousands of Volvo Trucks Recalled Due to Potential Safety Issues

Truckers and trucking companies know all too well that their line of work is affected greatly by various regulatory measures. Most of these are small, and can be adjusted to after a minor transition period. However, sometimes more drastic measures are taken when the safety of drivers and the motorists they share the road with is at risk.

An example of this is the US Department of Transportation’s decision to order thousands of Volvo AB heavy-duty trucks off the road due to a recall by manufacturers pertaining to a significant safety concern.

This concern stems from a potential defect in a steering shaft that could cause drivers to lose control on the road. Due to the absence of a roll pin, the two-part shaft was at risk for coming apart. This would make steering the truck nearly impossible, even for a seasoned driver. The safety risks presented by such a problem are obvious, and things didn’t get any better as Volvo later identified a second steering shaft defect.

Given the large weight and dimensions of trucks, a problem like this could spell disaster even at slow speeds. As multiple trucks were recalled, Volvo engineers worked to repair the issue utilizing interim parts to stabilize the steering shafts properly.

The obvious solution to this type of problem would be a one-piece steering shaft, a goal that Volvo has been working toward diligently. While some engineers thought that the two-piece model would provide additional control without sacrificing on stability, this proved to be false.

The Volvo VNL, VNM, and VNX model trucks are affected, as are certain 2016 and 2017 model Mack Titan trucks. Volvo had been an industry leader in heavy-duty trucks in recent years. While this setback is a hard one to deal with, it doesn’t necessarily mean disaster for the trucking giant.

Volvo’s willingness to work with safety boards and government agencies in order to make sure that at-risk trucks were pulled from the highways shows their commitment to being a trusted resource in the trucking industry. All major trucking companies know that safety is an aspect of their field they can’t afford to overlook, and Volvo’s openness about the problem speaks volumes about the character of the organization.

While a recall of this magnitude is sure to get people’s attention, Volvo will undoubtedly be able to bounce back from this misstep and continue to revolutionize the trucking industry.

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