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The Trucking Industry’s Continued Response to Hurricane Harvey

The Trucking Industry’s Continued Response to Hurricane Harvey

Whenever there is a disaster, the trucking industry is usually among the bulk of relief efforts. People in peril need supplies – food, water, medicine, clean clothes, batteries, the list goes on.

The freight industry is called upon to deliver goods and services 24/7/365. When a catastrophe threatens lives, it can be sure that the freight industry will be called for even quicker than usual. Plenty of pictures and stories have already been released about commercial operators lending their services to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

A massive storm that did the bulk of its damage through heavy rains rather than wind, Harvey is expected to be the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. The storm’s recovery costs will represent a 0.8 percent loss to GDP, and will end up costing about as much as the recoveries from Hurricane’s Sandy and Katrina combined.

The trucking industry has been affected as well. Between 5 and 10 percent of U.S. trucks are expected to be sidelined due to the massive storm, but those who are able to continue operating have already been called on to help.

One carrier from Butler county, Hindman Trucking, has a history of pitching in in times of hardship. The carrier has already gathered supplies and plans to continue helping victims during these troubling times. Canned goods and bottled water are just a few of the supplies management is planning on sending to the victims.

Another carrier in Cedar Rapids also expressed their desire to continue helping, providing truckloads of supplies which were gathered by employees and volunteers alike. The freight industry’s ability to haul sensitive medical equipment, perishable goods, large machines, and vehicles will come in extremely handy for handling the massive cleanup operation.

Rebuilding efforts will also require the involvement of the freight industry, and it is difficult to predict at this point just how much help will be needed. The trucking industry in the area may be suffering just like everyone else, but the combined efforts of operators around the country help bring much-needed relief to the situation.

Hurricane Irma continues to gain strength, and meteorologists are watching closely as they try to anticipate the storm’s path.

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