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The Trucking Company’s New Plans for Terminal Transfer

The Trucking Company’s New Plans for Terminal Transfer

Werner Enterprises Inc., a Global Transportation and logistics corporation, operates a truck terminal in the Upper Macungie Township. The company recently celebrated a whole week with lavish celebrations and parties to mark its 60th anniversary. Now the management of Werner is planning for the next stage of its business development journey, by transforming business strategies, concerning their Lehigh Valley operations.

Werner officials presented the Palmer Township Planning Commission with their official plans in November, 2015. The proposal concerned the training and maintenance center on Tatamy Road, off 1460. The facility will expand over 67,000 square-feet and is in the planning stages to replace the Upper Macungie terminal. According to Randy Kraft, associate vice president, the increased space area would allow the enterprise to invest in more employees and the ranks are predicted to swell with 70 new recruits.

The facility currently employs 40 personnel at its Upper Macungie site, which is leased by the Werner Corporation. Although it has been home for the company for more than 10 years, the constricted size has become somewhat of a hurdle in the organization’s ambition to expand its operations. The new facility, by Werner, will constitute driver training, showers, cafeterias, lounges, workout centers and gymnasium, tractor-trailer maintenance bays and a quiet sitting area to serve the drivers. The big decision by the company is mainly inspired by the recent opening of the Charles Chrin interchange, on Route 33, in Palmer Township, which drove the company towards relocation.

Although the company has yet to receive the township’s approval or sales deed on the 25-acre farmland surrounding the site area, the corporation is planning to visit the township in February to finalize its plans. Other issues, like storm water run-off and the flow of traffic, will also be addressed in their meetings. Kraft and Cynthia Carman, Palmer’s planning directors, believe that the company will be able to open the doors of their new facility in 2017, if the property is sold and they are able to secure all the approvals crucial for the trucking company’s operations.

Regarding the late opening of the Palmer Facility in 2017, Kraft said in a statement, “If it can be done sooner, we want it done sooner, but it takes time.”

The land, on which the Palmer Facility is planned to be constructed, is owned currently by the Raub family. They have agreed to sell the land but the agreement entails that the family will keep the Chesterfield Manor, which is a historical landmark and also a restaurant.

According to Kraft, the family refused to budge on the subject of the manor house, therefore it was excluded in the agreement. Carman said that this site is the largest development in the history of the Werner Group and will be a proud addition to the other 13 terminals, owned by the company. The terminal is planned to be situated on the borders of the Palmer Industrial Park, which is at least a mile from the main street and intersection of the interchange. – See more at:

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