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The Tech Advanced That Could Boost Global Freight Performance

The Tech Advanced That Could Boost Global Freight Performance

Technology and trucking have a unique relationship.

Some advances are welcomed in the field. They have the ability to make commercial trucks safer, and protect drivers and the motoring public they share the roads with. Other innovations aren’t received quite as well, with some believing they pose dangers to the industry as it is now.

While things like electronic logging devices, telematic solutions, and autonomous vehicles are all hot topics in the freight industry, one tech advance may provide surprising benefits for trucking.

What is this tech advance? It’s a trend that has been growing for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing in the least. Online shopping could provide a market for truckers to get steady business, and may help carriers switch their business model in a comfortable, affordable manner.

Broader inventories, more buying options, and lower prices have all led shoppers to switch steadily from brick and mortar retailers to online stores. While some people would think this could prove disastrous for trucking, drivers are picking up the slack where traditional methods are falling short.

Many larger items can’t be shipped through the mail, meaning different modes of transport are required to get customers their purchases. While there are some uncertainties about the long-term impact of online shopping on the freight industry, drivers are finding work making e-commerce deliveries in the short-term.

Larger items and products which cannot be transported through the mail due to safety reasons usually find their way into a trailer. The challenges for drivers in this market include coordinating these series of small, unrelated deliveries in a schedule that provides them with the most cost-efficient result.

Once the logistical landscape catches up to compensate for the increased demand for online-product delivery, the trucking industry may reap even more benefits from the growing online market.

Companies like eBay and Amazon are growing and expanding consistently, with the latter purchasing Whole Foods recently. These changes may present new opportunities for trucking in the future, allowing a venture into online delivery to pay off in other ways down the road.

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