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The Summer Heat: A Threat to Truck Drivers?

The Summer Heat: A Threat to Truck Drivers?

If most drivers had the choice, they’d rather deal with the humid conditions of summer than the rough roads of winter.

While the sunshine does make for a beautiful day that even a person stuck on the road can enjoy, it also poses certain safety hazards. Trucking is a field where drivers face dangers from strange areas, health problems, and anxiety. But does the summer heat also threaten the safety of America’s drivers?

When temperatures climb above 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat can become blistering and unbearable. Drivers who are on the road and who are unloading shipments may be at risk for health issues related to the heat and the sun’s rays.

Drivers brave the roads no matter the weather, but this doesn’t mean they should be put at risk. Luckily, there are several steps drivers can take to ensure they don’t become a victim when the temperature rises.

One of the main things a driver should do is make sure they have proper airflow in their cab. Sometimes just rolling down the window a bit allows for drivers to get the relief they need, and ensure they do not suffer from heat exhaustion or respiratory issues after long hours in warm, humid, confined area.

Another obvious strategy that many people sometimes put off is to bring plenty of water on the road. Staying hydrated is important, especially for drivers. Proper hydration helps drivers stay healthy, alert, and responsive on the road. It can be easy to neglect this simple step. However, drivers who end up sweating in the cab or going for hours at a time without water can become dehydrated and exhausted quickly.

When a driver is weakened by health issues, they can put themselves and others at risk. If the position isn’t no-touch freight, drivers should also bring along sunscreen to ensure they won’t get a sunburn when they’re outside working.

Truck drivers face plenty of hazards in their line of work. The summer weather can be enjoyable, and if drivers take measures to protect themselves they can beat the heat while enjoying the sun.

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