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The Simple Tech That Can Change Trucking

The Simple Tech That Can Change Trucking

From advanced electronic logging-devices to sensor-based self-driving kits, there are plenty of technological innovations which are new to the trucking industry.

With many tech-lovers promising safety and efficiency will increase as this industry adopts a more digitized approach to daily operations, all eyes are on any changes that occur. However, one new addition to the trucking field is actually something that has been prominent for nearly a decade.

The smartphone may not seem like anything earth-shattering in terms of what it offers to the freight industry. With most people owning a smartphone, mobile devices are popular and versatile creations that provide plenty of perks. Improved communication, easier access to information, and more tools for handling the trials of everyday life are just a few of the benefits smartphones offer.

Compare that to the trucking industry and the needs drivers have. Being able to communicate and find out important data in a timely matter makes it easier for drivers to do their job safely and effectively.

Whether it’s finding a parking spot, giving an update about an alternate route, or even using apps to work with clients more effectively, there are many uses to be found for the smartphone among America’s truckers.

Trucking is known for being somewhat of an old-school industry. Some claim that this is actually a hindrance, and that moving forward in some aspects could help drivers overcome many of the common problems they experience.

The fragmented trucking industry is filled with smaller carriers, with single-location service providers using a fleet of half-a-dozen trucks or less to complete their operations.

With apps like the one recently developed by Uber, drivers and carriers alike can communicate their freight needs more effectively, whether it’s a trucker looking to make a new delivery or a company that needs a delivery.

New entrepreneurs in the tech industry are stepping into trucking constantly, and everyone has their eyes open for the next big innovation that could change the field forever. But while futuristic techs like autonomous vehicles are more popular to talk about, mobile phones are also worth consideration.

Though simple (and not exactly the newest devices), smartphones may be able to improve the lives and jobs of truck drivers.

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