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The Pros and Cons of Busy Seasons in Truck Driving

The Pros and Cons of Busy Seasons in Truck Driving

Every industry fluctuates, and trucking is no different. But while some fields experience minor increases when business picks up, freight transportation and delivery can increase rapidly during the busier seasons of the year. When demand spikes, truckers are needed in higher numbers to make sure that the products buyers look for make it to the shelves.

But while fluctuations of these kind are not uncommon, there are pros and cons associated with this kind of market activity. One of the obvious benefits of this type of increase in demand is more work for active drivers. Busy seasons often provide more hours for truckers, especially for those working with carriers who have a limited amount of trucks in their fleet. Those seeking jobs in the industry can have a better chance of finding them during this time.

But this increase in business can also make a driver’s life more stressful. A sudden spike in hours may have financial benefits in the short-term, but it can also result in added stress for those who are unfamiliar with a busier schedule. Increased business can also cause drivers to be asked to handle routes in unfamiliar territory.

The trucking industry is affected when demand for freight spikes. Certain seasons result in spikes across multiple industries. When this occurs, truckers are called on to help keep things going and make sure that facilities have the supplies they need.

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