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The Hidden Hazards of Trucking

The Hidden Hazards of Trucking

There are some obvious hazards to be aware of in the freight transportation industry. Drivers who are brave enough to pilot an 80,000-pound vehicle at highway speeds have already committed to a job many would call dangerous, but not all the threats are as overt as others.

While the obvious dangers like other motorists and the hazardous cargo some drivers haul are easy to see as threats, some people neglect to consider the other things drivers deal with. These hazards are sometimes harder to deal with than others, primarily because they can be harder to anticipate and plan against.

The first of these hazards is the weather. While weather is a factor in a wide variety of jobs, truckers have to stay alert whether the temperatures and climbing high or dropping low. Low temperatures can sometimes mean snowy and icy roads are not too far off. Even during the summer months, drivers can face dangers like heat exhaustion and dehydration as the sun’s rays beam through the truck’s windows. Planning ahead is important for not dealing with weather-related harm.

Drivers can also deal with a variety of health issues as a result of their unique work arrangement. Long hours in the cab coupled with a lack of healthy food options on the road puts truckers at a higher risk for obesity, heart disease, and a variety of other health issues related to poor nutrition. Drivers can also deal with high amounts of anxiety as they travel to unfamiliar territory, or depression as they spend long hours away from their loved ones.

Sometimes the hazards a trucker deals with can come from the company they work with. There have been many carriers that take advantage of drivers. Sometimes this is done when a carrier doesn’t make a formal agreement with a driver, while other instances see carriers completely ignore parts of their agreement or purposefully mislead drivers for their own personal gain.

Truckers have plenty to look out for in their line of work. While life on the road is fulfilling for some people, truckers should always be aware of the hidden hazards in their industry. Doing so makes it easier to stay safe and avoid bad situations.

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