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The Hidden Dangers of Trucking and How to Handle Them

The Hidden Dangers of Trucking and How to Handle Them

It’s well-documented that trucking is a job that has plenty of hazards. But when most people think of the dangers of freight transport, they picture all the problems which could occur on the road. While an equipment malfunction, hazardous road conditions, or sharing the road with reckless drivers can put a trucker in danger, they can also be put at risk when they’re off the road as well.

Truck drivers often venture into unfamiliar territory and do so at unusual hours. Combined with the fact that many truck stops and trucker-friendly parking areas are often easy targets for those looking to cause trouble, and it is easy to see why truck drivers can find themselves in dangerous situations on the job even when they step out of the driver’s seat.

The thought of confrontations of this type can be unnerving, but there are ways truckers can protect themselves should a situation arise. Self-defense is becoming a skill that more people are learning, and it lends itself especially well to drivers.

Regardless of a driver’s gender, age, or physical characteristics, they may still be targeted when they are on the job. Being able to defend oneself in an incident like this is vital, but in some cases they can be avoided altogether with the right strategies. Staying in well-lit areas when possible and being aware of one’s surroundings are great ways to minimize the chance of conflict for truckers and minimize the chance that a person will need to use self-defense.

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