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The Hidden Benefit of A.I. in the Freight Industry

The Hidden Benefit of A.I. in the Freight Industry

Artificial intelligence has gone from a mysterious concept to a budding reality. Formerly found only in hypothetical scenarios and works of fiction, AI is now a rising technology that is affecting the world in a big way. There is a long way to go, but the plans are already laid for AI to have a major economic impact.

For trucking, the main question about AI is how quickly it will put driverless trucks on the road. The concept of smart machines is unnerving to some, frustrating to others, but interesting to almost everyone in the trucking industry.

Self-driving vehicles may be a newer idea, but the concepts that power them have been around in some form for decades. Self-driving kits rely on sensors and cameras, tools that are found in commercial and traditional vehicles. Backup cameras, blind-spot detection, and traction control are all examples of vehicles assisting the driver and in some cases making their own decisions.

When the technology is refined a bit more, autonomous vehicles will become common on America’s roads. Self-driving vehicles will use algorithms to process data about their surroundings, picking up slack in the freight industry and becoming safer over time.

While this is an obvious role for AI in the freight industry, it isn’t the only benefit the tech could provide. Artificial intelligence is catching on in other industries, primarily for its ability to catch patterns in large pools of data. Social media sites are using it to produce audible photo captions for the blind, and IT companies are using it to pick out security holes before they can be exploited.

The logistical aspect of trucking often sees carriers analyzing tons of data, weighing multiple possibilities, and making important decisions that could affect entire companies. This type of task is right in line with AI systems, and the technology could speed things up significantly on the managerial side of freight transport.

Logistics professionals are often tasked with making quick adjustments to plans, and even a slight miscalculation can be very impactful. Once AI systems are refined and programmed to weigh options based on the same criteria logistics professionals do, these systems will become vital to freight companies.

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