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The Effect of Autonomy by Fleet Size

The Effect of Autonomy by Fleet Size

The Effect of Autonomy by Fleet Size

With autonomy in truck driving becoming more of a reality every day, the entire industry is now keeping a watchful eye on this new technology. It’s been discussed how different variants of driverless technology could have different effects on the trucking job market.

While all carriers will be impacted in some way by the emergence of self-driving vehicles, different types of companies respond to changes in their own ways. Primarily, carriers of different sizes will be impacted by new technologies differently. Though it may be years before autonomous vehicles are regularly used for deliveries, carriers of all sizes are taking notice.

For larger carriers, it is easy to see how driverless trucks could help them. These companies often look to maintain their place in the market by expanding their operation as necessary. In some cases, driverless trucks may be able to help them do this in a cost-efficient manner.

These carriers may be more reliant on human labor since they’re more likely to have the necessary resources for managing the costs. In addition, larger carriers that end up acquiring other companies may look for those who use autonomous trucks effectively.

Smaller carriers may have an advantage when it comes to short routes, such as driving trucks to custom-made infrastructure. They could also be hired to act as passengers inside self-driving vehicles to provide an extra degree of protection. Though managing the costs of new equipment is usually harder for smaller carriers, the long-term benefits may be worth it.

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