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The Connection Between Time and Trucking

The Connection Between Time and Trucking

Keeping track of the time is easy in some lines of work. You simply check the clock, or set an alarm if you have a certain point you’re waiting for.

In a professional setting, deadlines are sometimes plentiful. This means when it comes to tracking time, multiple things must be considered. The amount of time it takes to complete a task must be factored in with the deadline, as well as room for any changes that may occur last-minute.

This is true in all industries. From the construction worker who has to finish a project by a promised date or a business owner who has to send out payroll without delay, being a successful professional often means racing against the clock.

For truck drivers, things are more complex. Drivers are no strangers to deadlines, and, in an industry where time is money, being late can mean taking a big loss. Drivers are already pressured to make deadlines, especially if they work for a carrier rather than themselves. However, there’s even more to follow along with for those who drive regularly.

The amount of time a driver can spend on the road and even the frequency of their brakes is regulated by federal and state laws. While the patchwork of rules changes on a semi-regular basis, it still serves as a big obligation for truckers.

Things can get even more stifling and stringent, as the rules sometimes leave only a short window per day where drivers must complete their trip. Delays, unforeseen changes, and mechanical problems can derail things, and sometimes it can require a driver to wait for hours or even days before they can get back on the road.

Drivers can even face penalties if it was found they didn’t rest adequately during their time off. Being that drivers are one of the few workers who have their off-duty time subjected to oversight, it’s easy to see why time management is much different for a driver than it is for the normal person.

A quick glance at the clock reveals only some numbers. Depending on one’s interpretation (and their line of work), the meaning of these numbers can be radically different.

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