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Tesla’s New Electric Truck Could Be a Game-Changer

Tesla’s New Electric Truck Could Be a Game-Changer

Truckers are used to hearing rumors about their industry. It seems every time a new technology or device emerges in the field, analysts and commentators are quick to talk about how impactful it could be.

In some cases, this is a better-safe-than-sorry type of move. Big changes in an industry can thrive or die out due to small adjustments, unforeseen factors, and competition. But competition can also be one of the biggest catalysts for change.

As the industry evolves, certain new technologies become more promising. The electric truck is near, if not seated firmly, at the top of the list of potentially beneficial techs. With big names already moving into the field, all eyes are on the next move in the electric truck market.

While some of the rumors concerning changes in trucking end up unsubstantiated due to a lack of resources, a name like Tesla removes most of the questions in this area. The successful company has already shown what it can do in the vehicle industry, especially when it comes to incorporating alternatives to fossil fuels.

Some high-ranking analysts are now saying that Tesla’s newest electric semi-truck may generate big returns for the company. Not only will this further the eco-friendly movement in trucking, it will give way to competition. If Tesla finds success with their new model, other companies will be pressured to introduce similar models as well.

After unveiling the new design, Tesla is expected to begin taking $5,000 refundable deposits for the new vehicles. Tesla is a leader in the field of electric vehicles, but they certainly aren’t the only company that has been making big progress in the field.

Cummins, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz are a few of the organizations that are throwing their hat in the ring, or have done so already. Names like Toyota and Nikola motors have experimented with different types of engines as well, setting the stage for a competitive and innovation-heavy environment.

The new model from Tesla is still in the early stages. While drivers and carriers may be able to order some versions soon for testing purposes, the new truck isn’t expected to be available for widespread sale until 2020.  

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