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How Technology is Making Truck Driving Safer and More Precise

How Technology is Making Truck Driving Safer and More Precise

Piloting a large rig is a very complicated task, and there is little room for error when it comes to maneuvering on the road in a large truck around other motorists. But there are several small aspects of a person’s driving style which, though they may seem minuscule, can actually have a large impact on how safe they are on the road.

While every driver who has completed their CDL exam has demonstrated a satisfactory amount of knowledge and control of a commercial vehical, more work is being done to help drivers learn to be as safe as possible. Small mistakes during a trip can have big consequences. Braking too fast can cause a driver to lose control, rolling back a bit before taking off from a stop can cause accidents, etc. Even those who are industry veterans administering CDL exams may not be able to accurately measure the smaller details of a driver’s performance. However, new technology can provide in-depth information about a driver’s performance and help to create safer results.

New systems installed in trucks used for training purposes can provide detailed information about the driver’s brake use, speed, maneuvering, and more. Being able to pick up on small details like this allows instructors to help CDL test-takers hone their craft and become a safer driver. Sometimes a driver may be requested to drive on certain routes which will put their skills to the test, and those with different skillsets can be given different routes accordingly. But these advancements aren’t just limited to the CDL exam itself – many of them are being used to help train truckers who are preparing for a test.

Truck drivers must have a given number of hours logged behind the wheel before they can drive on their own as a professional. In order to help truckers who are in this training process, software companies have developed systems designed to show a driver information about their driving habits. Compatible with mobile devices, these systems are easy to use and provide drivers with information about what areas they are proficient in and also about the aspects of their driving that need to be improved on.

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