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Tech Company Explores New Solutions for Trucking

Tech Company Explores New Solutions for Trucking

Trucking is in the process of undergoing major changes to its core practices. Driving, logistics, and maintenance are all being changed by new technology.

What was once envisioned as a cold, automated world based only on data is now showing more promise in what it can do for the freight industry. Truckers and administrators are seeing the financial and safety benefits of embracing new technology, and companies are matching this demand with a steady supply of new products.

Companies like PeopleNet have discussed technology that could change more than driving – it could change the game for fleet maintenance, monitoring, and other common practices the industry relies on daily.

Techs similar to virtual reality headsets could allow managers to see their trucks in motion through a simulation, rather than simply watching markers on a monitor. There may also be big changes in terms of how trucks are driven, as remote-driving tools could allow commercial vehicles to be piloted without requiring the driver to go along for the trip.

Wearable technology could also be used to further improve dashboard controls, allowing drivers to control their rig by making simple movements rather than requiring them to turn their attention to the truck’s controls while in motion.

Breakthroughs are happening all the time with these new technologies. Companies continue to research and refine, as the widespread benefits of these devices are well known. These technologies could provide a more economical approach to daily operations, as they’d present new opportunities for fleet management in even the biggest companies.

The safety benefits of these technologies are also valuable, protecting carriers and drivers from liability. Like many other technologies used in the transportation industry such as back-up cameras and road-assistance kits, new devices that aid truckers may reduce accident rates in the long-run.

The relationship between trucking and technology has reached a unique point. While the industry has never been shy about adopting new innovations (contrary to popular belief), things are reaching a point where new developments could change freight transportation forever.

PeopleNet is just one of the companies investing in new trucking technologies. Other popular names contributing to these new solutions include Uber, Tesla, and many others.

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