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TAEC Recognizes Pat Thomas with Hallady Award

TAEC Recognizes Pat Thomas with Hallady Award

Earlier this month, American Trucking Associations’ Trucking Association Executives Council (TAEC) presented their J.R. “Bob” Halladay Award. The recipient of this honor was Pat Thomas, current ATA chairman and senior vice president for state government affairs at UPS. Thomas is the 17th recipient of this award, which recognizes those who have played an integral role in the continued success of the ATA.

Barry Stang, TAEC chairman and executive vice president of the Motor Carriers of Montana said: “First as UPS’s liaison to the states and now as ATA chairman, I can think of no one who has done more to advance our industry’s interests at the state level than Pat.”

Thomas started out as a UPS delivery driver in 1985. He was able to join the public affairs group in 1998 where he began to develop state-level policy. Thomas was very appreciative of receiving such an honor, stating: “I am honored to receive the Halladay Award because I know how much it means to the state trucking associations who present it and how much those associations mean to me. The ‘S’ in American Trucking Associations is very important to me – it demonstrates that we are a unified federation of organizations, all committed to advancing a pro-safety, pro-efficiency, pro-trucking agenda in statehouses and capitols across the country.”

J.R. Halladay served as ATA’s senior vice president of federation relations and is often called the “Godfather of the Federation.” He has even written books about the history of the federation. It is easy to see why an award named after such a key player in ATA is held in such high regard.

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