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TCA Protests Heavier Trucks Due to Cost Concerns

TCA Protests Heavier Trucks Due to Cost Concerns

The Truckload Carriers Association has been vocal about their opposition to potential changes in the industry concerning weight.

The organization has been working against the efforts of those who want heavier trucks on the roads. Many organizations have attempted to rally support on Capitol Hill on the topic of increasing the allowed weight limit for commercial vehicles on America’s roadways.

It is believed that the legislation to up the allowable weight-limit for commercial vehicles to 91,000 pounds in six axles would be part of either a Continuing Resolution, an FY2017 appropriations act of FY 2018 appropriations.

A similar proposal to increase national truck weight limits was rejected via a bipartisan House vote in November of 2015.

The TCA’s letter of protest was sent to House and Senate leaders and appropriations committees recently, and one of the main topics covered was cost. In retrofitting older trucks and investing in new ones, smaller carriers would incur expenses ranging between $1 and $1.5 million.

Necessary improvements would include new axles, more powerful engines, wider brake drums, and a variety of other reinforcements. A pilot program has been suggested as a way to provide the best of both worlds. The program would allow for changes to be made, and would allow for data to be generated to be used by the Department of Transportation in future decisions about this kind of topic.

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