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TCA Names Two New Highway Angel Truckers

TCA Names Two New Highway Angel Truckers

Since 1997, hundreds of professional truck drivers have been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) for “unusual kindness, courtesy, and courage” they have demonstrated while working. Their collective acts range from changing a stranger’s flat tire to pulling a motorist out of a burning vehicle.

These men and women are dubbed Highway Angels. They are nominated by those they work for and with and by those they have helped, then the TCA verifies the details and bestows the title upon them. Each Highway Angel is given a lapel pin, patch, decal and personalized certificate of appreciation. The two most recent Highway Angels are Josh Elmore of Lincolnton, N.C. who works for ABF Freight System and Jason Levreault of Manitoba, Canada, an employee of Bison Transport.

Elmore was driving through Orlando, Florida on Interstate 4 when he approached a car that was smoking, unbeknownst to the driver. Thinking quickly, Elmore alerted the driver by blowing his horn, motioning for her to pull over. He attempted to put of the flames, but it was being fueled by leaking oil. Every time he seemed to get the flames under control, dripping oil would rekindle the fire.

Within 10 minutes the car was engulfed in flames and when the fire department arrived, all that was left of the car was metal seats and melted tires. The driver of the car later sent an email to his company, showing her gratitude, saying, “He helped and comforted me when I was so scared, and I am so thankful to him for that!”

Levreault was at work in Saskatchewan, Canada when he saw a collision between two tractor trailers on the highway. One truck struck the other as it was parked on the side of the highway and landed across the median. He pulled over, called 911 and jumped out to check on the drivers. The first driver seemed to be fine, but the second was in worse condition. The truck’s engine had separated from the cab and the driver had cuts on his head and hands.

“I yelled to see if everyone was okay and was relieved when I heard the driver yell back,” Levreault said. “I told the driver that help was on the way, and I started

delegating jobs to keep everyone else who was involved busy so they wouldn’t think about what had just happened.”Levreault stayed by the driver’s side waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Because of extreme temperatures, he suffered frostbite on his hand from touching the driver’s truck while helping out. Levreault credits his first aid class training and a job working airport security for his quick thinking and cool head under pressure.

Both men put their own lives at risk to help those who were in danger. Its selfless acts from brave men and women such as these that help keep our roads and highways just a little bit safer. If you have a nomination for the Highway Angel award, you can fill out the Highway Angel nomination form.

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