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Take Your Kids Trucking With You

Take Your Kids Trucking With You

One of the hardest parts of the job for a truck driver is being away from family for extended periods. It’s tough to be out on the highway, logging hour after hour, knowing your children are at home running around the backyard without you chasing them and completing school projects without your help.

But have you ever thought that they might be the ones who are actually missing out? Driving across the country can often be just as educational as school. Many parents take their kids out for vacations, so why not you? Imagine your kids staring awestruck at the sights around them. The experiences a child can gain from seeing the world will prove invaluable later in life.

How teachers feel about it will vary from school to school as well, but all of them would appreciate knowing when and for how long your child will be gone. Giving them some time to create lessons for your child would be very helpful too. Some open-minded teachers may choose to assign your child an essay over the places included in their families’ vacation or maybe keep a journal or video log to share with the class when they return. Others may simply give them worksheets and assignments for the schoolwork they miss. But don’t expect teachers to bend over backwards to help one child.

Always be aware of how your child is doing in school so you can determine if they can take an extended leave without suffering from it. Look honestly at your child and determine if they have the ability to catch back up after vacation. They may thrive in the classroom and taking them out could temporarily hinder their learning. If this is the case, make a plan with their teacher for the best way to keep them up to date on their schoolwork. But if your child is a free spirit and out-of-the-box thinker, the best thing for them could be the occasional break from traditional classroom and an on-the-road learning experience. Travel could be just the thing they need to enjoy a lifetime of learning.

Lastly, remember that the teacher is not the one responsible to teach your child what they missed when they return. It falls on you and your child to get the job done.

If you are lucky enough to work for one of the trucking companies that allow your family to travel with you, remembering that taking the steps above can ensure a smooth transition in and out of school for your kids. – See more at:

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