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Swift Transportation Launches New Leadership Program

Swift Transportation Launches New Leadership Program

Leadership is important in all industries, and trucking is no exception. Coordinating the activities of drivers and administrators is a big task, especially with so much liability involved. In order to help people adjust to the responsibilities of leadership positions in the freight industry with greater ease, well-known carrier Swift Transportation has recently launched a new leadership program.

Swift is an industry leader with half a century of experience and more than 40 facilities across the U.S. and Mexico. With more than 2 billion miles clocked on the roads per year between their roster of over 22,000 drivers, the company relies on solid leadership to keep things going in the right direction and meet customer demand efficiently.

EDGE, which stands for education, discipline, guidance, and experience, is a program designed to help leaders in the trucking industry grow into their role and gain the skills they need. The program lasts 18-months and uses a specifically designed curriculum.

Educational sessions provided by the program center on motivation, communication, culture, and strategic thinking. Swift knows the company needs negotiators, coaches, decision makers, and thinkers to help propel their organization forward and continue on the path they’ve been on for years. In times of great change with so many technological and regulatory factors threatening to change the freight transportation industry forever, capable leaders are more important than ever.

Some people come into the trucking industry with no prior experience, and work their way up to managerial roles after being drivers, mechanics, or logistics professionals. While they have knowledge about truck driving, they may be unprepared to deal with the challenges of leading entire fleets and overseeing entire districts.

On the other side of the spectrum, some people may have management experience in related industries but no direct experience with freight transportation. It can be hard for them to adjust to the challenges of truck driving without proper experience.

EDGE is a big step by Swift to cultivate qualified leaders by giving them experience and a full toolkit to excel in trucking. With a strong leader, any carrier has a better chance of succeeding. Now those with managerial aspirations have a new option.

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