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Swift Transportation Joins Trucking Alliance

Swift Transportation Joins Trucking Alliance

The Trucking Alliance for Driver Safety & Security has recently welcomed its newest member. Swift Transportation, the largest full truckload carrier in the US, accepted an invitation to join the well-known alliance.

As the fourth largest trucking company in the nation, the Phoenix-based carrier is a major addition to the group. Swift’s CEO and President released a statement praising the safety reforms advocated by The Trucking Alliance. He was vocal about how the reforms have had a positive effect on the freight industry, going beyond simple improvements and setting new standards.

The Trucking Alliance’s President, who is also the chairman and CEO of Maverick USA, praised Swift Transportation for many reasons. He was very complimentary of the company’s leadership team, as their continued place in the higher-rankings of the freight industry has set examples for carriers who aspire for the same level of success.

With many successful carriers working together in the same alliance, creating industry-wide safety guidelines and procedures is much easier. The combined efforts of veteran drivers and administrators, as well as safety experts, has had a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

The newest addition will put the number of professional trucking employees working within the alliance at 68,000. This doesn’t just include drivers – it also accounts for logistics specialists and administrators. The Alliance uses over 50,000 trucks to handle freight delivers across North America.

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