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Suspect Involved In 18-Wheeler Theft Apprehended

Suspect Involved In 18-Wheeler Theft Apprehended

After the suspect led a controversial chase across Northern Texas in a stolen 18-wheeler truck, he surrendered peacefully to the police. The truck was previously reported missing by the company which owns it. However, the shocking turn of events revealed that the truck was driven by one of the designated drivers by the owner company. The law enforcement authorities are still trying to figure out that why the driver refused to stop for the police, and why he didn’t inform the truck corporation prior to the chase.

The chase began on Wednesday and spanned across the course of four counties. The chase ended in Greenville in Hunt County, when the suspect drove the 18-wheeler down a dead end road. The driver is identified as David A. Arnold, 60, of Burkeville, Virginia, who engaged in a stand-off with the police, when law enforcement agents surrounded the vehicle. Helping the local police were SWAT authorities, which were stationed near the vehicles to prevent any safety related incident. They assisted the police officers to bring the standoff to an end.

According to latest news reports, a police officer popped out of the top hatch of the vehicle and fired a non-lethal shot though the windshield of the cab. This caused Arnold to surrender shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, the eastbound lanes of I-30 were closed off, because the situation was being resolved. Security backups were stationed and extended way beyond the incident lines, which caused severe problems and delays for other vehicles in the area. Police utilized stop sticks to stop the 18-wheeler truck. Therefore, for most of the pursuit, the truck was driving on its rims, causing the vehicle’s wheels to get damaged in the process. Even though the tires were in bad condition for most part of the chase, the truck still managed to maintain the speed of around 40 miles per hour.

The chase began at 11:06 a.m. Interstate 20 in Kaufman County, after a trooper identified the stolen 18-wheeler, reported missing by the company, Intrade. The California based company owns the truck, and reported it missing after it didn’t check in with the management for 30 hours. The pursuit of the vehicle, continued west on I-20 into Dallas County, after which, the vehicle turned on Interstate 635. The suspect then continued to drive eastbound I-30, and passed through Rockwall County, entering the Hunt County on the I-30 access road.

Arnold came to a halt around 12:15 p.m., and the standoff discontinued after an hour. Several law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Public Safety, helped in the pursuit. Presently, the suspect is being held by the Greenville police department and will be charged with evading arrest and unauthorized use of vehicle. Another shocking truth, discovered while investigating the matter, was that there was a dog present inside the vehicle. Fortunately, the golden retriever is fine and is now safely held by the Greenville animal control. However, it is still unknown if the dog belonged to the suspect or not.
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