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Strategies Changing For All Size Truck Fleets

Strategies Changing For All Size Truck Fleets

American Central Transport (ACT), a leading research firm, recently presented new market analysis for the balance of 2016 showing that inventories will be piling up and orders for trucks will decline. Small firms are pulling back while larger firms are investing in trailers. ACT provides trucking companies with market analysis and forecasting services in the North American and U.S. tractor-trailer market.

Frank Maly, ACT’s director of commercial vehicle transportation analysis and research, stated, “The front-loading of the fall/winter order season we’ve noted over the past few years continues to impact recent order levels; new and net orders were both off 36 percent sequentially, while the year over year comps for both measures showed a 43 percent decline.”

Due to this very reason, he believes many small and medium-sized companies are holding back and waiting for the conditions to get better. Their ordering activities have greatly declined which many did not end on a positive note for this year trucking industry’s overall economy.

“We’re hearing comments regarding slow dealer activity. Small and medium fleets continue to be cautious and are likely faring worse financially than their large fleet competitors. ELDs (electronic logging devices) will likely generate further headwinds for that fleet segment”, he stated.

But at the same time, the research also provided to how evidence that larger firms were now diverting their focus towards the purchase of new trailer trucks with the sole aim to generate more efficiency than using its capital to invest in power units. Maly in this regard reported, “We’re also seeing a pattern of continuing bias in fleet investment toward trailers over tractors. Given the price difference, a relatively small shift in dollar expenditures can generate significant returns in trailer acquisitions, and adding trailers helps support increased drop-and-hook activity, making the best use of drivers.”

Whether this strategy works out for both large and smaller fleet firms will surely be witnessed and reported by next year’s ACT research report. Until then, only the best can be wished for all enterprises as it directly impacts the country’s trucking industry. – See more at:

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