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Speed Limit Increase Possible in Kansas

Speed Limit Increase Possible in Kansas

Legislative committees are taking bills under consideration whether to allow the Kansas Department of Transportation to raise the speeding limits on separated and multi-lane highways from 75 to 80 miles per hour. The Wichita Eagle reported that the lawmakers are required to decide until February 22, whether the bill should be presented in the Kansas House of Representatives.

The new speed limit will only bring Kansas City in line with all the other largely rural and sparingly populated Western states. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that states including Idaho, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah also have a maximum of 80 miles per hour speed limit.

According to the Republican State Rep, John Bradford, who is in favor of the decision believes that the decision to increase the speed limit will only help in making regulations match reality as most drivers are used to driving faster in open country.

Bradford, while driving on interstate 70 towards Kansas City made the following remarks over phone, “Most of the traffic clearly flows at around 85 miles an hour. I would tell you right now I’m sitting here driving 85 and I’m just flowing along naturally with traffic.”

He then laughed and further added, “Just don’t tell the Highway Patrol.”

But the transportation department seems to be in no favor of the decision. In fact, it has opposed the bill and is putting pressure on the legislature not to pass it. It is still unclear as to what decision the Legislature will make. Whether the speed limit increase or remain the same, it will have to be accepted once the decision is being made.

Last time the speed limit was raised to 75 miles per hour by the Legislature was in 2011. This also led the transportation department to set the new speed limit for 807 miles of road to 1,000 miles more than that of which was initially eligible.

But there had been some contrary opinions as well. All those against the idea believe that the higher speed limit on important routes will only lead to more accidents and also make hundreds of miles of interstate areas more unsafe.

“The severity of those accidents increases significantly with the more speed that you add into it,” as reported by Lt. Adam Winters, the spokesman for the Kansas Highway Patrol. – See more at:

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