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Smuggling of Illegal Immigrants in an 18-Wheeler in Texas

Smuggling of Illegal Immigrants in an 18-Wheeler in Texas

During a truck inspection on the 12th of December, 2015 at the checkpoint of the Laredo’s city border, Texas police found illegal immigrants being smuggled in the 18-wheeler truck they were inspecting. The truck was employed by Freight Lines. According to the police, the 34 year-old truck driver’s name is Thomas Gray. When he was instructed to step out and open the back of his truck, he ran into the woods.

After the police broke open the lock, they found a stack of frozen cow meat in the refrigerated area of the truck. While they were thinking that there was nothing unusual here, they heard a cry of a baby and started looking for source of the sound. They were shocked by what they found. An officer at Laredo, Texas Police Department, Manuel Rodriguez, described, “When we entered the truck, searching for the crying infant, we saw nothing. As we investigated further, it led me to one of the carcasses and I realized the crying was coming from inside!”

They found a mother who had firmly clasped the infant, after they cut open the carcass. The inside of the cow was cleared, with air holes pierced through plastic shells over the carcass. The inside of all the other animals was checked to confirm if they too weren’t filled with people. There were 50 animals in all which had humans in them. There were two people inside each carcass. The distribution of these people were; 48 men, 32 women, and 20 children. All of these people were illegal immigrants who were being smuggled into the country.

The driver of the truck was caught hiding behind bushes in the woods. The inquiries regarding the smuggling of these illegal immigrants are still being done. But the driver, Gray, is not sharing any information regarding his contribution in this trafficking. Until the police decides what to do with these illegal immigrants, the recovered 80 men and women will be held in police custody. Whereas the 20 kids under the age of six are being looked after by Child Protective Services.

This is not the first trafficking related incident that took place in Texas in the year. On the 18th of September, a semi-truck carrying 37 illegal immigrants was stopped at Pearsall, near a gas station. The immigrants were taken to the hospital because of health problems arising from being packed inside the overcrowded truck for too long.

Enquiries regarding human-trafficking is being carried out by Homeland Security. The information on the driver’s arrest is still not confirmed. The ages and nationalities of the immigrants were not disclosed. The statement released by Border Petrol on CBS News was, “A total of 37 undocumented aliens were located inside the trailer. EMS was requested and transported the people to several area hospitals for medical treatment. The case is currently under investigation by Homeland Security Investigation.” – See more at:

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