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Are Smart Trucking Apps the Future of the Industry?

Are Smart Trucking Apps the Future of the Industry?

It’s hard to deny that carriers aren’t performing as well as they’d like to. High fuel costs and increased regulation have hindered the industry. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that things will never get better – it does however mean that trucking may need to look at how other industries have gotten past similar issues. The cab industry experienced similar problems with soaring fuel prices and laws dealing with transportation. The rise of Uber, a decentralized ride sharing phenomenon based off an innovative app, may provide valuable insight for the freight transport industry.

Many smart trucking apps have been developed in recent years. Companies are looking to bypass the middleman. By matching drivers up directly with those who need freight transport or delivery services, these apps put many drivers back to work. In addition to helping promote a faster experience for customers, this could also lower operating costs. Drivers can utilize their assets in a more strategic manner and will only have to take the routes they’re comfortable with.

The precision created by this decentralized platform and its tendency to remove middlemen and simplify the industry may have additional benefits as well. Excess freight capacities may become a thing of the past and truckers may be able to enjoy more steady streams of work thanks to this model. Larger fleets may also be able to use this type of technology and downsize their inventory accordingly. The reduced costs would add up nicely as fewer trucks and fewer resources were required to operate.

All of these are possibilities, and given the popularity of Uber and other similar models it seems that this type of technology could prove to be a success in the trucking industry. The good news is these strategies have few-to-no startup costs, meaning those who are willing to try them have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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