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Small Shipment Trucks Will Be Phased Out Shortly

Small Shipment Trucks Will Be Phased Out Shortly

When Paul Revere enchanted the legendary “the British are coming” chant back in 1775, it terrified the nation and warned them of the coming perils. Sooner than later, people will once again begin to chant the phrase, only this time for the better. A British invasion can soon be expected to hit the United States of America with its rolling toilet-like bowls of “ground drone delivery robots”. Set to invade America by the end of this year’s spring, these little carriers will soon take the stage and will be seen rolling on tiny wheels on the streets of America.

Starship Technologies, a company headquartered in Estonia and England, is planning to inaugurate its delivery robots for trial in April.

The CEO of Starship Technologies, Ahti Heinla, during a press conference said, “These bots are compact, safe, environmentally sound “and best of all, earthbound.” Adding to this remark, he also explained the purpose of this latest invention, “They can deliver packages and groceries at a fraction of the cost of vehicles that require drivers.”

Talking about his company’s visions and missions, he said, “Our vision revolves around three zeroes — zero cost, zeros waiting time and zero environmental impact. We want to do to local deliveries what Skype did to telecommunications.”

Not to forget, Heinla and his business partner, Janus Friis, are a team of two entrepreneurs and techies who introduced the biggest and possibly the most frequently used platform “Skype” to the world. So, when their joint imagination gave the world a communication channel like Skype, there are no doubts they are onto something remarkable this time again. The ground drones, as Ahti Heinla proudly speaks of, will be capable carrying the weight equivalent of two grocery bags, with the leverage in the customer’s hand to set the time of delivery. These little robots will deliver goodies at a speed of 4 miles/hour, carrying a load of about 40 pounds in a single trip.

The company has also devised an app to keep record of the robot which can be used by the customers to track down its location in real-time. Furthermore, only the app holder will be able to unlock the cargo once it arrives at its destination. Lastly, these ground drones will be equipped with the latest hidden camera technology which will surely keep it safe from the clutches of thieves and other encounter troubles.

Talking about the benefits of technology, this may very well be quoted as a great invention, but it will also present some hurdles for the shipment industry in America which already seems to be struggling to stay above par. – See more at:

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