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Skyway Marketing Looks to Bridge Gaps in the Trucking Industry

Skyway Marketing Looks to Bridge Gaps in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has always been one of the most straight-forward lines of work in the country. But there have been hindrances in job growth and retention throughout the field for a number of years now. This is perplexing to many, as there is still a high demand for freight shipment services and plenty of equipment to fill this demand. While numerous factors can be attributed to standstill in terms of job growth, Skyway Marketing is taking an innovative step toward changing things in the trucking industry.

The well-known trucking giant has just launched the Minority Carrier Exchange. This website will make it easy for shippers with diverse requirements to exchange important information about freight with certified minority-owned trucking companies. This platform makes it easy for users to submit an RFP, and the carriers can view and bid on it as they see fit. While carriers are obviously free to decline these submissions, many will accept them and this will help create more productive activity within the trucking industry.

By allowing shippers and carriers to exchange pertinent information about capacity, shipping requirements, and other data, the website makes it easy for those who need services to get them. This type of decentralized platform is one of many modern innovations which have been introduced into the trucking industry as of late. Before this, apps and delivery systems which were compared to Uber have become popular within the trucking field.

Job growth in the trucking industry is always welcomed, and even though this website may help promote productive activity in a non-traditional way, it has all the makings of being very helpful. This type of technological advancement may pave the way for newer platforms of the same time in the future. This could help boost job growth and allow carriers and shippers to coordinate more efficiently.

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