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Six Types of Security Technology Your Truck Fleet Needs

Few things are more costly for a distributing process than a stolen truck. If you have a large fleet to protect, you should enroll in a comprehensive business insurance policy and install modern anti-theft security systems. Here are six anti-theft security systems that no truck fleet should be without.


Insurance and Surveillance

Though you might not think of it as security, having good insurance is a great way of protecting your fleet and merchandise. In addition to getting coverage against physical damage, you should have some kind of auto dealership security or surveillance to protect against theft on your lot or garage. This could be things like locks and lighting, but you could also install cameras for live surveillance.


GPS Tracking

A GPS tracker in each vehicle can tell you where the truck is, which direction it is headed, and how fast it is traveling at any time. If a truck is stolen, you’ll be able to tell where it is and send a recovery team or notify the police. You’ll also be able to track your drivers out in the field and see if they are on time with deliveries or behind schedule.


Radio Homing Device

A GPS device can usually tell the police exactly where to find your stolen truck, but if car thieves spirit it away to a remote location, GPS might not be available. With a radio homing device, the police will be able to track your truck by its Vehicle Identification Number, even if it is out of range of GPS.


Security Alarm

Every car should be equipped with an audible security alarm, the louder the better. What could be more appropriate than a blaring siren that discourages thieves and alerts everyone in a five-block radius when someone tries to make off with your property? The best security alarms will disable the engine ignition system, leaving even the cleverest truck thief with no option but to abandon the heist.


Automatic Driver Recognition System

A car alarm is a great thing to have on every truck, but if the keys are stolen, you don’t want the thieves to slip away quietly. With an Automatic Driver Recognition System, the truck will only start when an authorized driver tries to start it. Some work by sensing the driver’s DNA, others work through fingerprint identification. Put an automatic driver recognition system on every truck if possible, and if not, on just a few for sensitive deliveries.


Cabin Camera

A cabin camera can record any activity inside the truck cabin. You’ll be able to identify car thieves and discover if anyone has been inside your vehicle without authorization.


Remote Ignition Blocking

If a truck is stolen, you might be able to find its location with GPS tracking or a homing device, but do you really want thieves ramming your truck into a concrete barrier after a high-speed chase with the police? With remote ignition blocking, you’ll be able to prevent anyone from starting your car, simplifying the recovery process.


Protecting your trucks, drivers, and merchandise is probably number one on your priorities. Be sure you have a plan for security and protection on and off the road.

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