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Simple Exercises for Truck Drivers to do Behind the Wheel

Simple Exercises for Truck Drivers to do Behind the Wheel

Everyone knows that physical exercise is essential for the body. However, as a trucker, it’s hard to make time for traditional exercise since most of the day, you’re behind a wheel. But do you know there are still exercises that you can do to work out those stiff muscles while sitting in the cab? We’ve listed a few simple ones below for your quick reference.

Abdominal Crunch
: Sit up straight and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then try to hold your breath for one minute before releasing it. Try to work up to 3-4 minutes, maybe the length of a song playing on the radio. Now set a repetition goal to make it fun. Repeat every time you see a green car or when you pass a gas station.

Side Twist: Do this at a traffic light. First, do an abdominal crunch as defined above. Then, as you sit tall and face forward, slowly twist your upper body to the left, then right. Help tone your core by making sure your muscles are contracted the entire time. Do in repetitions or timed intervals.

Pelvic Tilts: Sit tall and suck in your stomach like you are trying to make your belly button touch your spine. Push your hips forward. Either hold for 10-15 seconds and do 10 reps or do a timed interval exercise. You can also combine this movement with the glut squeeze below. Simply tightening all these muscles at once, repeatedly and daily will give you more tone.

Grip Squeeze: This is also to be done at traffic stops because at all the other times, your hands should be on the wheel. Keep a hand grip on the bench or seat next to you. Grab it at the start of a red light and see how many times you can squeeze it before the green light. At the next stop, repeat with the opposite hand. Not only will this exercise strengthen your forearms, it can also relieve stress.

Quad Stretches: While waiting in traffic, if you have enough leg room, extend one leg out in front of you and squeeze the muscles on the top of your thigh. Hold for 10- 15 seconds and release. Repeat on the other leg, doing 10 reps each.

We hope we’ve given you some exercises to get started in your own routine. Make a plan, tape it to the dash and get going! You’ll have a stronger, more toned body, all in less than 15 minutes a day! – See more at:

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