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Silicon Valley Event Discusses Trucking Industry

Silicon Valley Event Discusses Trucking Industry

With big names in the tech industry slowly working their way into the field of freight transportation, any new development is big news in the world of trucking.

Technology companies that offer self-driving tech, logistics tools, and other similar solutions have all been becoming more popular over the past several years. Silicon Valley recently hosted an event where providers of valuable trucking techs got together to discuss their future plans and the impact their technology could have on the freight industry as a whole.

FR8Star, a company that provides various solutions for the trucking industry, announced the launch of a technology forum. “Tech & Trucking: Shaping the Future” is intended to function as a public forum for trucking. The company that set up the forum is known for their cloud-based data-driven tools for freight companies.

The creators of the forum discussed intentions to conduct a series, where developments in the trucking and technology industries would be discussed. The initial event was held at the company’s Oakland-based headquarters with various panelists from the trucking industry.

Tech providers and investors attended the event, with an audience of 50 people gathering to discuss newer developments and plans to combine tech and trucking moving forward.

One provider at the event created the KeepTruckin ELD app, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The creators claim the app currently has over 300,000 users, and that the massive amount of data the ELD app provides could help the industry evolve in the coming years.

While FR8Star has been compared to other companies like Uber for its efforts to connect the fragmented market in trucking, they noted major differences between the public taxi industry and the freight transportation industry. Their aim is to help carriers make things easier in the heavy-haul area of the industry.

Their specialization allowed them to offer a free (patent pending) calculator to help carriers estimate costs like permit fees, fuel, escort vehicles, and more. The company’s dispatch and booking tools are designed to help carriers operate more efficiently and offer better customer service.

Silicon Valley is a hotbed for technology innovation, and seeing these developments in trucking certainly shows how the industry is evolving.

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