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Should Truckers Learn Self-Defense?

Should Truckers Learn Self-Defense?

There are always news stories about truck drivers running into trouble both on and off the road. And while most people believe that problems in truck driving occur only when the rig is in motion, many drivers also experience dangerous situations when they exit the cab.

From stories about drivers being confronted by questionable characters in areas they aren’t familiar with to instances of actual theft, there are plenty of stories out there which can make truck drivers feel uneasy about doing their job. But while this problem is persistent, many truckers are taking the extra steps to make sure they’re protected.

Self-defense is a skill that some people pass on. While a skilled and seasoned truck driver may know how to service their rig with minimal tools and even navigate unfamiliar areas with relative ease, other skills can come in handy. Self-defense is one of these skills, as it allows drivers to ensure they are able to defend themselves should an incident of this type occur.

While drivers may be able to reduce their chances of ending up in the news due to an incident by following the right steps, there is no way of preventing these types of instances 100% of the time. Still, learning self-defense can help a trucker defend themselves should problems arise.

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