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Should Female Truck Drivers Learn Self Defense?

Should Female Truck Drivers Learn Self Defense?

Truck driving is the type of job that attracts individuals from all walks of life. As the roster of talented truck drivers across the US becomes more diverse, certain stereotypes and old ideas about the industry begin to fade away. While many people used to view freight transportation as an industry primarily composed of men, women have proven they are just as capable of piloting a rig as anyone.

But since there are almost always instances in the news of truck drivers being involved in dangerous situations given the demands of their job, some wonder whether or not a driver should be able to defend themselves if a problem were to arise. Given that drivers who are far away from home and in unfamiliar areas may be targeted by criminals, it raises the questions – should female truck drivers learn self-defense?

Truck drivers may find themselves in dangerous situations both on and off the road, but they can often become easy targets for crime in areas they aren’t familiar with. But the truth is both male and female drivers may be targeted. A person’s gender doesn’t necessarily determine their ability to defend themselves from harm.

Truckers have a line of work that is far from danger free, and this means that any truck driver can benefit from learning self-defense.

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