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Should a CDL Test-Takers Need a Certain Amount of Training Hours?

Should a CDL Test-Takers Need a Certain Amount of Training Hours?

A quality CDL program is important for aspiring drivers who are ready to take their test. But what counts more – quantity or quality? Some driving schools and trucking groups maintain that drivers only need to be under the guidance of an experienced teacher and institution designed to show them the ins-and-outs of the industry – but others feel differently.

Some maintain that drivers must put in a certain amount of time behind the wheel. Namely, The Professional Truck Driver Institute CDL training organization recently submitted a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration detailing their thoughts on this type of situation. They maintain that drivers need a minimum number of hours required by law in order to prove they are able to handle CDL driving safely.

The letter questions the FMCSA’s decision to exclude a minimum amount of hours in its final training requirements. Some people believe that this type of move is actually designed to limit the amount of new drivers in the industry – a move that could protect larger carriers and notable trucking groups. It remains to be seen whether the rule will be added.

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