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I-Shift Transmission Enhanced by Volvo

I-Shift Transmission Enhanced by Volvo

The I-Shift Transmission which was introduced by Volvo now comes equipped with the Crawler Gears, as this was revealed by the truck manufacturing giant in the recent news.

The all new I-Shift has automated manual transmission with Crawler Gears and was manufactured for applications in which maneuverability and low speeds are key – such as dump trucks and concrete mixers. For heavy hauling, it ensures startability; not to mention the fact that it allows for up to 220,000 pounds GCW.

Volvo’s Director of Product Marketing, Wade Long, believes that this all new enhancement to the company’s I-Shift will enable Volvo to introduce fuel efficiency to the market which requires heavy hauling. Long further added that they are all quite excited to enter the vocational market again since this market is essential for the company.

The all new I-Shift which has Crawler Gears is set to be available in two different versions:

  • Fourteen forward gears, which includes 1 low crawler (with a ratio of 19.38) and 1 ultralow crawler (with a ratio of 32.04) which sums up for a total ratio of 41.08.Thirteen forward gears, which includes 1 low crawler (with a ratio of 17.54) and a total ratio of 22.34.
  • These two versions are set to be available as overdrive configurations in Volvo VNL, VNHM, VNX, and VHD. They can further be specified along with D16, D13, and D11 engines.

The President of the North American division of Volvo Trucks, Goran Nyberg, says that the Volvo I-Shift along with its Crawler Gears will demonstrate the innovative approach the company has taken to meet its customers’ requirements. According to Nyberg, the Volvo I-Shift has a unique combination of the most exceptional attributes of manual as well as automated manual transmissions. The added abilities of these new transmissions are all set to provide the customers a huge advantage in terms of driver productivity, regardless of the fact that they are at the highway or on the job site.

What’s more, the I-Shift has also been upgraded with some latest hardware components that will provide better performance. More importantly, there have also been some software enhancements, which include the new I-See feature for predictive cruise control.

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