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Shell Truck Design Challenge

Shell Truck Design Challenge

Shell Lubricants has always been a forefront supporter when it comes to innovative means to encourage their use in the trucking industry. Recently the company launched its Shell Truck Design Challenge, a contest aimed to challenge students to come up with their own design of a prototype of the interior of the Class 8 truck.

Kate Faucher, Shell Lubricants’ global marketing projects lead believes that this contest will be a great opportunity for the young minds to showcase their talent in the fields of Technology.

“This contest is a great opportunity for next generation technology leaders to leave a lasting effect on the betterment of the trucking industry and to push technology, comfort and safety to the next level for the foreseeable future. Working in tandem with the AirFlow project will allow students to gain a working knowledge of industry development and hopefully spark a passion that will inspire generations to come,” he said.

The challenge doesn’t only focus on the exterior of the vehicle but emphasizes that the interior matters too. According to Faucher, as technological advances continue to take place of conventional ones, one must continue to strive for the better.

This contest is a step towards that innovation.

The criteria for eligibilty have been set based on these four arenas:

1. Connectedness
2. Fuel Economy
3. Safety
4. Ergonomics

According to the rules set by shell lubricants, all the entries submitted must comply with at least one of these four or all of them. In order to enter the contest, students must present their sketches, drawing or renderings which showcase the interior design of the truck form different perspectives with one illustration of a person with their anticipated driving environment. Also to be submitted along is an essay that details why and how the design element benefits Class 8 trucks with functional, safe and simply mobility.

The judging criteria for all the entries will be based on four basic things:

1. The value and quality of the design
2. Its relevance to the design element
3. Its developmental and future potential
4. The originality of the concept

All these entries after passing the judgment criteria will then be considered for the prize money. Entries in the Shell Truck Design Challenge contest can be sent till April 18th, 2016. The company also said that the winners of the truck design will be announced during the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit, that is also expected to be held in April in Detroit, USA.

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