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Senate Welcomes Chao as Leader of DOT

Senate Welcomes Chao as Leader of DOT

After a brief discussion, the Senate confirmed that nominee Elaine Chao will be the next Secretary of Transportation. Given her experience, she acquired committee approval with ease and received an overwhelming amount of support with a 93-6 vote.

Chao was praised by leaders and Senator John Thune (R-SD) noted that it would be hard to come up with a more qualified candidate. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) said that Chao would be great in the position as she could offer level-headed, good experience-based advice in the field of transportation moving forward.

With a great deal of confusion occurring due to the new president’s travel restrictions, many wondered how these acts will affect the transportation industry. Freight transport in particular may be affected, which is why trucking administrators and industry leaders have been involved in discussions with Chao.

American Trucking Associations’ President and CEO Chris Spear said: “Secretary Chao has a long and distinguished track record, from her time as Secretary of Labor where I got to know her best and her service as Deputy Transportation Secretary as well as with the United Way and Peace Corps. Wherever she has gone, Secretary Chao has demonstrated the kind of leadership and vision we need to address our nation’s pressing transportation issues and we look forward to quickly getting to work with her.”

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