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Senate Democrats Propose Infrastructure Plan

Senate Democrats Propose Infrastructure Plan

With the Republican-led Congress and new president Donald Trump both determined to make substantial upgrades to US infrastructure, the Senate has also revealed plans of their own. A blueprint was unveiled by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) last week. The plan would be a far-reaching solution that would take a decade to complete.

The plan would authorize over $200 billion worth of projects to fix roads and bridges, as well as $110 billion for transit programs, $50 billion for railways, and $110 billion for water infrastructure systems. Overall, it would have the potential to create about 15 million new jobs.

“This bill would mean three things for this country: jobs, jobs, and more jobs. And good paying jobs to boot,” Schumer said. “As this bill hopefully moves forward, Democrats are going to fight for environmental and labor protections. We will not support tax credits for developers. We will insist that labor and raw materials come from America.”

While many in Congress agree that infrastructure updates are necessary and could have positive results in the long-term, the issue of increasing the nation’s debt is also something many lawmakers are considering carefully before approving a proposal like this. Pete Ruane, President and CEO of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association praised the bipartisan effort for infrastructure improvement while also speaking favorably of the commitment to financial responsibility.

Ruane said: “Addressing the nation’s critical transportation needs in a meaningful way will require real, recurring, dedicated revenue streams that are complemented by private investment. For that reason, transportation revenue and tax reform should be an integral component of the comprehensive tax reform package being developed by the administration and Congress. President Trump’s leadership is key to making that happen.”

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