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Self-Driving Truck to Be Tested Soon

Self-Driving Truck to Be Tested Soon

Talks about autonomous truck have continued to pop up throughout the trucking industry for years now. some are concerned about these vehicles destroying jobs. Others see them as a very useful addition to the freight transportation industry. Otto, an organization focused on efficiency and safety as it pertains to long-haul trucks, launched in May. They’ve developed a self-driving kit. Many small owner-operators and large commercial partners will begin experimenting with the kit soon.

The kits feature numerous sensors and state-of-the-art road mapping technology. These innovations will allow truck to understand their position on the highway. In addition, they can use that knowledge to make driving decisions in real-time. This type of largescale advancement in the industry will undoubtedly require plenty of testing with Otto aiming for thousands by next year.

Self-driving vehicles have been talked about for decades, with some hoping that this technology would find its way into the passenger car industry. But given that commercial vehicles are primarily on pedestrian-free highways, and that they’re subject to more federal oversight, it is understandable that the trucking industry would be the first to implement and test this technology.

One of the key benefits of this technology is said to be its ability to double efficiency, with those involved in the project claiming that trucks can double their daily mileage. This could provide a noticeable return on investment. The technology has been in high-demand since the development stages, with many small carriers and self-employed trucker drivers looking to find out more.

Otto features a fleet of five test trucks and has gone from 40 employees in May to 90 in the present day. While self-driving vehicles were considered only a futuristic fantasy at one point, they may soon become a reality. Though the launch is highly anticipated, Otto has not announced when the technology will be available for purchase.

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