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Self-Defense or Vigilance: Which is Best for Keeping Truckers Safe?

Self-Defense or Vigilance: Which is Best for Keeping Truckers Safe?

The world isn’t a perfect place – everyone knows that no matter where they go, the possibility of crime is always a reality. But while most people know their own geographic location well and are familiar with a good portion of the people in it, not everyone gets this luxury. In fact, truck drivers are required to enter new areas regularly where they know no one – and this can put them at risk.

It raises an interesting question: should truck drivers learn self-defense? Or is simply being vigilant enough to avoid trouble? It is common knowledge that those who are unfamiliar with an area may be a prime target for criminals. While some suggest obeying the “common sense” guidelines for avoiding victimization such as parking in well-lit areas and being aware of one’s surroundings, this can’t prevent crime 100% of the time.

Self-defense is a skill which can help a person fend off an attacker. This vital skill is something that most people would rather not have to use. However, it is better to have the ability than not should the need arise. But the original question about whether vigilance or self-defense is superior comes down to personal opinion.

The good news is that these two things are not mutually exclusive. A person can be aware of their surroundings (and even research an area ahead of time if they have the ability), and they can be trained in basic self-defense at the same time. These two things together can help any truck driver stay safer and fend off trouble when they are on the road but out of the cab.

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