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Schneider Offering Choices for Small Fleets Hauling Tankers

Schneider Offering Choices for Small Fleets Hauling Tankers

Trucking is a varied and complex industry, meaning the more options a fleet has at their disposal the better. A great range of solutions allows carriers of all sizes to pursue strategies that can help them cut costs and advance their operation.

Schneider, a well-known name in the freight transportation industry, has recently announced their “Tanker Choice” program. The program allows owner-operators to have a greater degree of control with how they haul tankers. Users of the program can choose their freight and do so 24/7. This allows them to make decisions that benefit their financial needs and helps them create a work arrangement they can feel confident in.

The program is very similar to Schneider’s “Van Choice,” program. This carrier has experience in a wide variety of areas in the freight industry. According to tanker division senior vice president and general manager John Bozec, this program will also help improve a driver’s work/life balance. He said: “The Tanker Choice option gives owner-operators the ability to choose what’s best for their business … when and where they want to haul, and when they want to get home. The program gives owner-operators the opportunity to have that valuable balance between home life and running their own business.”

Other perks of the program include access to more loads, better visibility, weekly settlements, and a load board designed for hauling sensitive materials.

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