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Route for New Shell Chemicals Laydown Yard Revealed

Route for New Shell Chemicals Laydown Yard Revealed

Shell Chemicals Co. announced that it will begin operating a laydown yard to store important components for the construction of its new ethane cracker plant. But while the new addition to Aliquippa has the potential to stimulate the economy, concerns have been raised about how trucks will travel from the yard to the plant.

About 100 trucks will travel daily between the location on Woodlawn Road to the cracker site. Vehicles will use Route 51, Route 151, Interstate 376, and Route 18 to reach their destination. The issue that many residents of the area are having deals with Route 151’s congested nature, especially considering it crosses other busy roads.

Though the commercial vehicles will operate at night as well as during the day, they will avoid being on the road at peak traffic hours. This data can all be found in the conditional-use application which was submitted to Potter Township and the Beaver County Planning Commission.

Hopewell Township manager Norman Kraus Jr. noted that the route is the most expedient available. However, he also noted that concerns about additional road congestion are warranted. He noted the importance of planning for these types of instances in order to reap the benefits they could bring, saying: “We’ve had residual interests (from businesses) coming to Hopewell because of Shell, and we’re very appreciative of what’s going on. But at the same time, we have to look at how that will affect us. One hundred trucks is a lot. That’s going to definitely cause us a lot more headaches than we planned for.”

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