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Rose Rocket Aims to Help LTL Carriers

Rose Rocket Aims to Help LTL Carriers

The freight delivery and transportation industry pulls in over $600 billion in revenue thanks to trucks. Though trucking has seen its fair share of ups and downs recently like most industries dealing with the current economic landscape, the industry is still very profitable for those who can make every trip count. Those who don’t may have new options emerging, as a leading company in the area of logistics management has set their sights on helping less than truckload (LTL) carriers maximize their efficiency.

Rose Rocket has been in the service of helping carriers utilize new technology to manage operations in an effective manner for quite some time. By utilizing apps to coordinate orders and routes in a strategic way, the organization has helped many carriers cut costs and increase communication, with some experiencing profit margins growing by as much as 25%.

Cofounder Justin Bailie has spent the past decade working in the trucking field and creating opportunities to improve operations in an innovative manner. Taking advantage of newer systems that helped to coordinate freight deliveries in a way that minimized operational costs and cut down on wasted time, Rose Rocket has managed to provide increased visibility to freight companies.

Transport services have suffered from poor communication in the past, and this led to a great deal of wasted revenue. Rose Rocket’s web portal has provided companies with an easy way to receive orders and enjoy greater transparency in their operations. Rose Rocket’s intention to help LTL carriers is based on the potential of these smaller operations.

While many smaller carriers have potential, relying on older methods and local resources hinders these companies in a substantial way. By making sure that every truckload is utilized to its full potential, Rose Rocket aims to help these carriers improve their operations and generate a greater return.

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