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RollTek Side-Roll Protection System Offers New Safety Options for Truckers

RollTek Side-Roll Protection System Offers New Safety Options for Truckers

Much of the technology developed in the trucking industry is designed to protect drivers on the road. Given that commercial vehicles are at a greater risk for accidents because of their large weight and unique dimensions, safety is of the utmost importance. Recently, International Truck announced a new safety option geared to protect drivers in the event of a side-roll. While a number of standard safety features protect drivers from traditional collisions, this system provides one of the first forms of advanced protection against the threat of a rollover.

Quick adjustments, tricky terrain, and even faulty parts can cause a commercial vehicle to flip. This problem is more common for trucks as the combination of length and weight poses a significant concern. The RollTek seat utilizes advanced seat belt design and robust side airbags to protect drivers in the event of a rollover crash. The system activates based on a sensor position behind the seat which can detect angular positioning and anticipate when a rollover is imminent. Even the most experienced drivers working in compliance with all trucking regulations sometimes find themselves in accidents. International Truck’s implementation of the IMMI Rolltek seat shows the organizations commitment to holding the safety of drivers in the highest regard.

Bill Kozek, president of truck and parts said: “Our commitment to incorporating the most advanced collision mitigation technology systems have demonstrated the potential to make a real difference in improving driver safety. Incorporating the advanced RollTek protection system into our heavy truck portfolio is a reflection of our listening to our customers and providing them with an option when a collision is unavoidable.” These types of smart technologies take into account the possibility of human error, allowing drivers to focus on their journey while knowing that their rig is equipped to protect them in the event of an accident.

Rollovers are traditionally known as one of the worst types of accidents a trucker may experience. The emergence of this type of technology will undoubtedly incentivize other companies to follow suit and attempt to keep their drivers safer. And while this type of issue may have been harder to guard against in the past, modern breakthroughs present new opportunities for helping truckers stay protected in the event of a side-roll.

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